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      Contact us

      Add: Wangkui Economic Development Zone, Heilongjiang, China
      P.C.: 152100
      Contact: Manager Guo
      Fax: +86-455-6776066
      Tel: +86-15184562288 /+86-18218955555
         +86-455-6776055 /6776099
      URL: www.hljcyjc.com
      E-mail: hljcyjc@163.com

      Product advantages

      heat insulation, consumption reduction, energy saving
      It has excellent heat insulation property. And it greatly reduces consumption. Therefore, it has high performance ration.

      flame retardant property
      Core materials of wallboard are developed through special treatment. It has fine flame retardant property.

      simple for installation, cost reduction
      It has features of light weight and small volume. In transfer and installation process, labor and time are saved. Then cost is reduced. And it is not influenced by weather and geographical environment.

      light weight, shatter-proof, space saving
      Light weight, high strength, fine anti- impact property

      moisture proof
      Compare with traditional exterior wall decoration material, it has excellent rain-proof, snow-proof, freezing-proof property. Even in cold regions, it has no water seepage problem. Therefore, construction life will be prolonged.

      sound insulation, comfortable
      Core material is high-density polyurethane foaming material. It has excellent sound insulation effect. It is suitable for apartment, hotel and school to reduce outdoor noise.

      green, environmental friendly, durable
      It has stable chemical and physical structure. And it has no radiation, no pollution.

      more selection
      colors and pattern matching unit.
      In order to serve wide customers better, our company promotes hundreds of kinds